We provide an innovative physiotherapy solution for employees with Musculoskeletal issues. We have been delivering OH Physiotherapy services for around 20 years and are a SEQOHS registered specialist Musculoskeletal (MSK) OH supplier. 

The use of physiotherapy with employees can remove the need for duplication of work with OHA nurse and case managers being involved in a case, to deliver a one-stop shop service delivery. 

More recently, we have introduced video case management and is the standard model of case delivery where an on-site service is not viable. 

The Advantages of Fusion Physiotherapy:

  • Speed of access – 2-day scheduling of assessment and start of treatment from receipt of referral
  • Peer reviewed reports delivered within 24 hours 
  • Video approach is easy and convenient for the employee
  • The presenting conditions can be more thoroughly assessed than on the phone
  • Exercises demonstrated as part of the session
  • This mode of service delivery is a neat solution for the implications of corona virus
  • Lower number of treatment sessions – cases clear on average with around 2.5 calls private practice cases average is 5 sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is physiotherapy in the workplace?

Physiotherapy in the workplace can offer advice on subjects such as how to keep good posture while employees sit at their desks. They can also give advice on lifting and carrying techniques, so that your employees don’t further injure themselves when doing manual work.


As well as that, they provide manual therapy, which is when they use their hands to manipulate, mobilise and massage body tissue. The pressure relieves pain and stiffness and encourages better movement for your employees.

What kind of issues usually require physiotherapy?

Within the workplace you may need physio for musculoskeletal issues, repetitive strain injury or posture issues. With homeworking becoming more popular, it has resulted in more issues of MSK, so ensuring all your employees have access to a physiotherapy service is essential.

What are musculoskeletal issues?

Musculoskeletal (MSK) issues are when you experience problems with your joints, bones, and muscles and sometimes associated tissues such as your nerves. They can range from minor injuries to long-term conditions and can affect your work and how you perform your job.


Over 20 million people in the UK, almost one third of the population, have an MSK condition such as arthritis or back pain.