What We Do

We have a long and successful history of providing Workplace Health & Wellbeing solutions that are underpinned by robust and compliant delivery platforms.  We FUSE together a robust occupational health service with a proactive digital health and wellbeing platform to deliver a service that is designed to support HR & H&S teams in driving better health throughout the business.

We help you to plan, evaluate, and evidence measurable results as well as implementing services that are compliant with relevant legislation. In essence, we help you to drive your occupational health and wellbeing strategy.

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How We Do It

We have a diverse, nationwide team of experts in the UK who are trained to understand, evaluate, and deliver a first-class occupational health and wellbeing service. 

Our service is underpinned by our speed, delivering a fast and reliable service that provides a return on investment. We pride ourselves on maintaining high levels of quality every time. Our fully managed end-to-end service that allows you to focus on your business. We have a digital first approach that drives better wellbeing 24/7, 365. Driving high levels of engagement equals a successful business. Finally, we believe in delivering actionable analytics that provide strategical insight.

Our Services

Management Referrals

Management referrals are made by managers who have a concern for an employee.

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New Starter Assessments

Identifying health problems early on, allows support to be put in place so an employee can do their role safely & efficiently.

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Sickness Absence

Helps reduce sickness-related absence, ensuring that staff can return to work as quickly as possible.

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Health Surveillance

Measures the needs of a job role against the level of care provided to ensure you are cost-effectively complying with health and safety legislation.

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Drug & Alcohol Screening

Protecting your business from drug & alcohol misuse is a critical part of keeping employee’s safe & reducing accidents.

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Managers Helpline

We provide all of our clients with a Manager’s Helpline free of charge to enhance your experience when using our services.

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Onsite health & wellbeing workshops

One of our Experts in many areas of wellbeing can come to site to deliver bespoke workshops and awareness sessions to engage with your employees. 

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Vaccinations & immunisations

We have a proven track record of providing vaccinations (including the flu vaccine) annually across various sized companies.

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Fuse – health and welling app

Fuse is an all-encompassing app with AI technology allowing your employees 24/7 access to health and wellbeing solutions at their fingertips.

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Providing early physiotherapy treatment, you can help solve issues quicker and catch the problem before it becomes more serious.

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Evidence suggests that counselling support can accelerate the rehabilitation of an absent employee.

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Neurological Support & Rehab

We believe in helping workplaces to understand and value the talent of neurodivergent minds, helping them to create a working environment that is safe and productive.

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Mental Health First Aid Training

Would you know what signs to look out for if someone at work needed mental health support? Our MHFA training can help you provide the mental health support that you or your company need.

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Drug and Alcohol Testing Training

A drug and alcohol testing programme within your workplace will help to enforce the principles of your substance misuse policy and to monitor employee compliance with policy rules.

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Mindfulness Coaching

The mindfulness coaching sessions improve your ability to remain task focused and ensure you are better equipped to cope with stress in and out of the workplace.

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Occupational health in numbers

Stats for occupational health

working days are lost every year due to work related ill health.

Health and Safety Executive (2022)

Occupational health stats

people in the world are living with a mental health condition.

World Health Organisation (2022)

Occupational health stat

estimated cost of sickness absence to employers in the UK.

Public Health England (2020)

Onsite Health and Wellbeing Services

We have a large team at Fusion who are available to come to your place of work and offer occupational health and wellbeing services to your staff.

This allows us to understand how your business works and makes it convenient for your staff to access essential health and wellbeing services. 

onsite health and wellbeing services
online health & wellbeing services

Remote Health and Wellbeing Services

Some of our sickness absence referrals can be triaged via a telephone consultation so that we can provide employees with the most appropriate help.

In addition, we can sometimes offer teams calls to help employees depending on their need. Finally, we provide all of our clients with a Manager’s Helpline which is available to all managers at set times every day.